Our Brands

Top quality pet food starts with top quality ingredients. The Advanced Nutrition Formula pet food contains three of the richest protein sources from chicken, egg, and fish and this triple protein combination provides a better balance of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals than any single protein.

Advantage products offer complete and balanced specialized nutrition formulated especially for dog and cat professionals using elevated levels of protein and optimal omega fatty acids ratio to maintain a healthy skin and coat.

A wonderful blend of HIGH QUALITY PROTEINS, BOTANICAL and HERBAL ingredients, and important beneficial SUPPLEMENTS that are sure to keep pets healthy and happy.

It takes the right formulations of meat-based proteins, grains, and natural vitamins. Finally, it takes experience to properly blend those ingredients to create a dog food that is worthy of being “premium”.

Lone Star represents a complete line of products formulated for all life stages of dogs and cats. It is palatable and nutritionally complete. Lone Star stands for superior pet foods at sensible prices.